Cover Conceal & Correct was designed with just that in mind. Adding radiance, brightness and balance to your face, with Natural Lime Extract which is an antioxidant to help heal, protect and reduce stress levels, stimulating and maintaining healthy skin. Multipurpose and cross functional in 8 shades for different skin tones in Fair, Light, Medium, Sand, Light Tan, Tan, Dark and Mahogany.
An easy to apply Liquid foundation which melts into the skin for a soft dewy buildable finish.
Colour Correcting pigments are added into the foundation to help balance out uneven skin tones, which helps with discolouration and disguising unwanted blemishes, sallowness, dark spots, diffusing redness, broken capillaries and sunburn, revitalising for a radiant glow.
A Cream Concealer is positioned in the lid of the foundation bottle which is slightly lighter than the foundation to lift and brighten and is easily mixable to achieve the right tone for your face.
Oil free and enriched with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid which reduces dry and damaged skin by restoring suppleness, creating a smooth and hydrating finish.



SKU: 241132ZF00
  • Apply with brush, sponge or fingers.


  • CONCEAL 3g + COVER AND CORRECT 50ml/1.7fl.oz.

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