The Ground-breaking Illusion Face Powder doesn’t have to be an Illusion anymore.

After years of formulation, and a lifetime of wanting to create an alternative to the standard face powder. Make Up Intelligence has finally had the ultimate breakthrough and discovery. A silicon-based formulation that absorbs oil, cancels out the shine, and fills-in the appearance of fine lines and large pores.

With vitamin C and cucumber extracts.

Gone are the days of surplus build-up, emphasising unwanted lines and clogged large pores. The Illusion Face Powder will revolutionise the way you prime and finish your make-up, with an effortless and flawless finish.




SKU: 243740
  • Apply onto clean dry skin as a primer or directly on the top of foundation. For best results apply with your fingers, sponge or brush for a visibly smooth, even and timeless appearance.

  • 4g

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